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Postal Operations Library

PostCom's Postal Operations Library provides documents on a variety of postal operations topics. Each document contains a reverse chronological (most recent articles first) listing of articles published by PostCom on that particular topic.

The Postal Operations Library is designed to facilitate research and education/training on specific issues for PostCom member companies. These documents are updated as articles are published by PostCom.

Each of the articles begins with the PostCom Bulletin issue number (e.g., 31-04) and the date the article was published by PostCom. Note that some topics are broad in nature, and documents for more specific topics may also be available. For example, the "Address Quality" document may not include the depth of information on "PARS" that the PARS document would have, etc. Check the below index for the topic you are interested in and if you do not find it, look for a broader topic.

In some cases, PostCom has material that pre-dates the oldest article in the library document. If you are interested in this material, please contact PostCom at 703-524-0096.

Postal Operations Library Topics

Address Quality Automation Letters Flats Bundles Parcels Delivery
Technology Tracking USPS Rates, Classification & Market Initiatives Transportation Mail Preparation Mail Classes/Categories USPS Finance/Strategic Issues Miscellaneous Topics