AF&PA-Harnessing the Carbon Cycle.pdf189 KB
AF&PA-Paper_The Everyday Wonder.pdf351 KB
ATFS-Structure and Programs.pdf18 KB
Article-Impact of Advertising on Prices.pdf377 KB
BAC-UNC Environmental Footprint study.pdf4.8 MB
Beales-Pharmaceutical Advertising.pdf1.9 MB
CEPI-Comparison of 5 SFM Schemes.pdf21 KB
CEPI-Comparison of FSC & PEFC (tables).pdf59 KB
CEPI-Comparison of FSC & PEFC.pdf86 KB
CSA-CoC, Labeling Requirements.pdf641 KB
CSA-Forest Cert Factsheet.pdf189 KB
CSA-SFM Standard Z809-02O.pdf481 KB
Can Forest Ministers-2005 Wood Supply.pdf2.3 MB
Christensen UAA Summary Report 07.pdf318 KB
DHL-Sustainability_Report_2008.pdf4.9 MB
DM News-PB_Survey of Public Attitudes.pdf2.7 MB
DMA-Direct Mail and Environment flyer.pdf131 KB
DMA-Fun Facts About Direct Mail.pdf2.1 MB
DMA-Mail Goes Green.pdf1.8 MB
DMA-Where Paper Comes From-Virgin.pdf77 KB
EMA-2008 Jobs Study Report.pdf208 KB
EMA-First Class Mail and USPS.pdf1.6 MB
Env Paper Network-State Of Paper Industry.pdf1013 KB
Env Paper WG-A Common Vision.pdf467 KB
Eur Commission-IPPC Doc on Pulp & Paper.pdf6.3 MB
FAO-Global Forest Res Assessment 2005.pdf6.5 MB
FAO-Market Data on Cert Forest Prods 2007.pdf270 KB
FAO-NA Forests Chapter 2007.pdf1.2 MB
FAO-World's Forests-2007-Ex Sum.pdf150 KB
FPAC-Paper Buyers Guide.pdf3.4 MB
FPAC-Sustainability Report 2007.pdf1.1 MB
FR notice-SW Disposal Facility Criteria.pdf16.0 MB
FSC- Intl Principles & Criteria.pdf110 KB
FSC-Controlled Wood Std.pdf160 KB
FSC-US National_Indicators.pdf203 KB
FSC-US paper manufacturers 8-08.pdf246 KB
ForestEthics Catalog Industry Scorecard.pdf413 KB
ForestEthics SearsReport_Final.pdf840 KB
ForestEthics-Climate Change & Mail.pdf1.5 MB
MPA-2008 Environment Handbook.pdf508 KB
MPA-Forest Cert white paper.pdf376 KB
MPA-Magazine Handbook 08-09.pdf822 KB
MPA-Please Recycle Tree Ad.pdf2.1 MB
Maine MLC implementation manual.pdf815 KB
Mangmeechai & Mathews_LCI Ground Shipping.pdf163 KB
Manomet Ctr-NE Timberland Changes Report.pdf3.1 MB
Metafore-Paper Fiber Life Cycle.pdf197 KB
Moore & Assoc-Recovered Paper Trends.pdf93 KB
NASF-Survey of Water Protection Progs.pdf992 KB
NCASI-GHG Profile Forest Industry-2007.pdf304 KB
OR DEQ-LCI of packaging for soft goods.pdf2.1 MB
Ontario Envir-Landfill & Incin Risks.pdf368 KB
PB-CSR Report 2007.pdf972 KB
PB-Contributes_to_a_Healthy_Planet.pdf483 KB
PB-Environ_Impact_Mail_Baseline_Study.pdf2.0 MB
PB-Insight article on Future of Mail.pdf265 KB
PB-Mail Trends Upate 2008.pdf610 KB
PB-Report_on_Carbon_Emissions 2007.pdf206 KB
PB-Truth About Green.pdf334 KB
PEFC-Annex 5 Logo Usage.pdf162 KB
PEFC-Annex4 CoC Standard.pdf237 KB
PEFC-Technical Document 5-10-2007.pdf108 KB
Paper Guide-Different Not Difficult.pdf4.5 MB
Pinchot Instit-Advancing SFM in US.pdf1.7 MB
Pinchot Instit-Indust Timberland Divests.pdf152 KB
PostCom-Issue brief on Sustainability.pdf77 KB
SFI-Cert Acreage-2008-08-31.pdf104 KB
SFI-Cert Paper Prods & Mills-2008-03-11.pdf91 KB
SFI-CoC Cert List-2008-08-31.pdf178 KB
SFI-CoC, Sourcing, Labeling Requirements.pdf545 KB
SFI-News Release-New Labels-2008-09-24.pdf528 KB
SFI-Note on PulpWatch Aug 08.pdf52 KB
SFI-Standard 2005-2009.pdf965 KB
SLS-Fiber Recovery from Direct Mail.pdf278 KB
TNT Post-CSR Presention-Nick_Wells.pdf1.3 MB
Time-Sustainability Report 2005.pdf1.5 MB
Time-Sustainability Report 2007-08.pdf2.4 MB

US FTC-Complying with Green Guides.pdf

480 KB
US FTC-Green Guides summary for consumers.pdf136 KB
USDOE-Energy-Related GHG in US Mfg.pdf211 KB
USEPA-2006 MSW Detailed Tables.pdf948 KB
USEPA-2006 MSW Facts & Figures.pdf872 KB
USEPA-Emission Facts-Cars & Light Trucks.pdf119 KB
USEPA-Energy Savings from MSW Mgt Options.pdf45 KB
USEPA-Flexographic Subs Anal - Exe Sum.pdf573 KB
USEPA-Forestry Chapter-US GHS Inventory.pdf6.4 MB
USEPA-GHG & Solid Waste.pdf3.3 MB
USFS-Cert Study Executive Summary.pdf607 KB
USFS-Family forests article.pdf449 KB
USFS-Forest Cert Briefing.pdf257 KB
USFS-Forest Facts & Trends.pdf988 KB
USFS-Forest Inventory & Use Tables 2007.pdf310 KB
USFS-Forest Inventory 2004.pdf98 KB
USFS-Forest Prod Market Review 2000-05.pdf569 KB
USFS-Forest Resources of US 2002.pdf5.1 MB
USFS-Report on Sustainable Forests-2003.pdf1.2 MB
USFS-US Timber Prod, Trade, Consumption.pdf4.0 MB
USPS-2007 Transformation Plan Update.pdf1.4 MB
USPS-2007 comprehensive statement.pdf839 KB
USPS-Annual Report 2007.pdf2.3 MB
USPS-BOG Financial Review 5-08.pdf166 KB
USPS-CRA FY 2007.pdf56 KB
USPS-FY 2008_Integrated Financial Plan.pdf158 KB
USPS-Household Diary Study FY 2007.pdf4.9 MB
USPS-Market-Dom Demand Equations.pdf114 KB
USPS-Press release on Sustainability VP.pdf37 KB
USPS-RPW Report FY 2007.pdf139 KB
USPS-Strategic Trans Plan 2006-2010.pdf2.5 MB
USPS-Thress testimony R2006-1.pdf1.2 MB
WRI-Sustain Wood Prods Procurement Guide.pdf1.8 MB
Yale Forum-Instit Timberland Invest.pdf2.5 MB
ecologic-Comparison of Forest Cert Progs.pdf117 KB