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Get To Know More About Mail

The information presented here is intended to help journalists, researchers, policymakers, and others discern the facts from the myths about mail, its role in society today, the contribution it makes to our nation's economy, and its impact on the nation's ecological welfare.

Be sure to read: "
Mad As Hell" by PostCom President Gene Del Polito
It's a good primer on discerning the facts versus the myths about mail.

What Can You Find Here?

  • Jobs. You can learn more about mail and jobs. In particular, you can learn that jobs related to the mail are everywhere, local, important, within our borders and dependent on continuing levels of mail volume.

  • Ecology. You can use our simple question-and-answer format to understand more about such issues as waste, landfills and the virtually invisible environmental impact represented by mail. This material includes a number of links to primary sources, typically government documents.

  • Trees. Learn the facts aobut forests and trees. This material explains such issues as old forests, tree farms, how lumber is valued, recycling and the fact that the volume of trees in the United States has grown enormously in the past several decades.

  • Check the Facts. Before you buy anyone's arguments about mail and society, check your facts. We provide you with a simple, understandable fact sheets that can help facilitate your true appreciation of the value of mail.

  • Other Informational Materials. There are other materials on this site that can help you put into perspective the arguments made pro and con on the value of mail in general, and advertising mail in particular, to the nation, its economy, and ecological well-being. 

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